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It started with a love for the simplest of things, a dining table. After a very enjoyable evening and dinner at a friend’s house, founder and owner Sam Ames was inspired by the heritage, workmanship, and overall beauty of an old antique Italian dining table. Rustic and heavily worn, simple in design yet purposeful. Dining tables are the center of the home and recognizing their value, Sam put together his first farmhouse style dining table. Other woodworking endeavors have followed, most noticeably the creation of the POTATION beer and wine carriers. Ames Woodworks recognizes the desire for handcrafted and reclaimed purposeful products. Things you can share with family and friends. We strive to utilize salvaged materials to create unique woodworking pieces.

a drink.

the action of drinking something, especially alcohol.

a drinking bout.

“Wood… its purposes and usefulness abound. It can warm us, shelter us, entertain us and provide for so many of our needs. Wood never quits moving, ever. Neither do we.”

Reclaimed & Repurposed

Ames Woodworks is proud to repurpose and salvage all we can for our creations. Sometimes it just takes the vision to realize what can be done. What some would discard we take and create, giving new life to old wood. We use 95% reclaimed material in our beer and wine carriers and most of our products.

Customized Wood Burned Logos

For our business and resale clients, we can create custom beer and wine carriers
with your logo. Contact us for more information.

In the near future, we hope to be able to offer fully custom laser engraving
for our direct customer sales.

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